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Course curriculum

Using Acknowledging The Shadow

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from Mando

    • A message from Dana

  • 2

    Emotional First Aid

    • Emotional First Aid

    • Feldenkrais Method

    • Temporal Tap

    • Dissociation - Neuro-linguistic Programing

    • Wim Hof Method

    • Letting Go - Dr. David R. Hawkins

  • 3

    Acknowledging the Shadow Process (ATS)

    • Overview of The Acknowledging The Shadow Process

  • 4

    Utilizing ATS In Your Life

    • Utilizing ATS In Your Life

    • Projection of Anger

    • Projection of Blame

    • Projection of Disappointment

    • Projection of Bitterness

    • Projection of Resentment

    • Projection of 'Should'

    • Projection of Performance Anxiety

    • Projection of Self-Judgement

    • Projection of Attraction

    • Projection of Work Issues

    • Projection of Relationships

    • Projection of Sexual Inhibition

    • Projection of Parental Judgement

    • Worst Case Scenarios

  • 5

    Various Ways to Acknowledge The Shadow

    • Your Ancestors

    • Characters In Dreams

  • 6

    ATS Process And You

    • Personalizing Acknowledging The Shadow

Outcomes from using the ATS process

What we have seen happens in individuals using the process:

  • You will see yourself as a stronger more empowered person.

  • Others will see the change in you and act accordingly.

  • You will feel the difference in how you react to things that used to bother you.

  • And from those new feelings and behaviors the choices you make will be better for you and your loved ones.


How ATS has impacted so many lives!


Stacey S.

[The ATS] method is a great new tool to add to the tool box of anyone who is seeking to build a more peaceful and centered life.


Diana W.

[With this method] Mando taught me to push forward, not in a drudgery, but by genuinely understanding and processing my emotions. I'm so thankful, and honored to call him my friend.


Beatriz F.

From [the first] moment on, I started to win confidence. I would [use] the process before every meeting...and it has worked wonders.


  • Can anyone learn this technique?

    I’ve helped people from the ages of 10 to 65+. It’s easy to learn, quick to do, and immediately effective.

  • If I’m in therapy now will using this technique interfere with the work I’m doing?

    This process is based on the work of Dr. David Hawkins and Dr. Carl Jung’s idea of the Shadow. Although it’s not technically psychotherapeutic work, using ATS will change your perception on the items you work on.

  • Do I have to spend a lot of time doing the process?

    No. You can do it “in the moment” whenever you are feeling emotional distress. As you use the process more and more you will be able to immediately process something that comes into consciousness from the habit of using the process.

  • Are there topics that this process doesn’t work for?

    I haven’t come across any! As I continue researching the limits of this process I find that there are more and more areas/topics that ATS can be used for! More will be shared in the course and with the private Facebook group!


Creator, ATS process

Armando Fierro

A combat veteran trained in clinical psychology, hypnotherapy, marketing, web design, author, and researcher. A PTSD survivor who climbed his way out of hell, creating the Acknowledging The Shadow process.


Dana Doan

Former educator turned businesswoman; Dana spends her time managing her business beachside. Through her friendship with the founder Mando, she has learned the process and has effectively applied it in her life. Now she has partnered up with Mando to bring the process to the world.

*All names, accounts, and photographs used with permission.